Law Enforcement

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service law enforcement officers have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities. They enforce federal, state and refuge hunting regulations that protect migratory birds and other game species from illegal take and preserve legitimate hunting opportunities. Officers help visitors understand and obey wildlife protection laws.

Law Enforcement Objectives are:
• To protect refuge visitors and employees from harm by others.
• To assist visitors in understanding refuge laws and the reasons for them 
• To enhance management and protection of fish and wildlife resources on refuges 
• To ensure the legally prescribed, equitable use of fish and wildlife resources on refuges 
• To obtain compliance with laws and regulations necessary for the management, and protection of refuges.

Through education and enforcement, it is the mission of the Refuge Law Enforcement program to protect employees and visitors, safeguard public facilities and equipment, and protect Service lands. 

Please report all accidents, injuries and violations through the Park Police Dispatch at 415-561-5510. To report poachers, call CalTIP at 1-888-DFG-CALTIP (1-888-334-2258).  

Marshlands Road and the Fishing Pier parking lot is under the jurisdiction of The California Highway Patrol. California Highway Patrol remains committed in keeping the public safe everywhere. You can help keep Californians and visitors safe as well, by reporting crimes you may witness or illegal activities you may be aware of. You may help avert the theft of public funds or property, or even save lives by reporting a car weaving on Marshland road and or vehicle racing at the Pier parking lot.
Call 1-800-835-5247 (1-800-TELL-CHP) or 24 hours a day, seven days a week.