Featured Species

Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is made up of some of the wildest and most beautiful habitat in the west, with wildlife as diverse as the landscape. 

The unique combination of habitats on CMR makes the refuge a haven for over 250 species of migrant, resident and breeding birds. Majestic animals like elk and mountain lions share the refuge with less impressive but equally important species like weasels, beavers and bats. There are nineteen amphibian and reptile species on CMR and variety of frogs, toads, snakes, salamanders, lizards and turtles that call the refuge home. From minnows in the tributaries to paddlefish in  the Missouri River, and from common sport fish to Species of Concern, many species of fish are found on CMR. As for insects, sometimes the smallest and most overlooked species can be the most important. The plants and wildlife of CMR depend on insects and pollinators for life itself.