Ways to Get Involved

Become an Intern:

The California Condor Recovery Program has a volunteer internship program for Biological Technicians. This is 6 month commitment during which time interns will receive a living allowance of $39 per day of work while working on and around one of two Wildlife Refuges central to condor activity in Ventura and Kern Counties. 

This opportunity focuses on the management of the free flying population of California Condors in Southern California. Selected applicants will track this population throughout its range using radio telemetry and by ground-truthing GPS transmitter data. Volunteers will observe condor behavior at feeding sites, roosts and nests. Field work requires: the ability to work independently and as a team; work and sometimes camp in remote areas during inclement weather or harsh environmental conditions; travel via ATV, 4WD vehicle, or by foot in steep mountainous terrain; carry 50lb carcasses to feeding sites; keep detailed field notes; follow data collection protocols for the collection and entry of accurate and consistent data; and assist in routine office work.   

Check the Great Basin Institute job board for the latest position availability. 


Become a member of our Friends Organization:

Friends of California Condors Wild & Free is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that has the mission to enhance public awareness of the endangered California condor and ensure that they are protected, healthy, and free.

As a member of the Friends of the California Condor, Wild & Free, you will become a part of a group dedicated to the conservation of an endangered species. Some of their activities include:

  • Annual State of the CA Condor event 
  • Scheduled Refuge Projects 
  • Outreach Events 
  • Education Programs 
  • Advocacy 
  • Fundraising 
  • Networking with other conservation groups
  • other volunteer needs and opportunities

Contact: FCCWF@friendsofcondors.org 

Click here to visit the Friends Group's website to learn more!   

Our Partners

View a list of our Partners and their websites HERE.

Education Programs

Learn about our CondorKids curriculum and program HERE.

If you are interested in educational opportunities, please contact the Refuge Manager at hoppermountain@fws.gov or the Friends of California Condors Wild and Free at fccwf@frindsofcondors.org