Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

The 290,000-acre Becharof Lake on the refuge serves as a nursery for the world's second largest run of sockeye salmon. The Bristol Bay commercial fishery takes 6 million fish each year from this tremendous salmon run. Four other species of salmon spawn in the waters of Becharof National Wildlife Refuge each year. This wealth of fish attracts not only anglers but also large numbers of hungry brown bears. The bears here are large due to the fatty content of the salmon. Each fall, a limited number of hunters can come to hunt them. Located on the Alaska Peninsula, Becharof National Wildlife Refuge has one of the densest bear populations in the state. Nonresidents must use a guide. Although bear hunting is never easy, success rates for outfitters in this area are typically high. The large, scenic lakes, mountainous terrain and rocky coastlines provide a stunning backdrop for a hunt for one of the world's largest game animals.