silhoutte of a woman in a large alpine landscape

Enjoy a day hike from your camp or from the Dalton highway. Arctic Refuge has no designated hiking trails, providing visitors the freedom to respond to the landscape. Hiking on trails may be recommended in other places, but here in Arctic Refuge it is worth the effort to seek your own route, which will disperse use and reduce the creation of emerging paths.

Leave no sign of your visit:
  • Pack out your trash,
  • leave your route unmarked,
  • leave natural objects and items of antiquity undisturbed for others to see,
  • deal properly with human waste (pack out or bury feces, and pack out all toilet paper products),
  • and respect wildlife by giving them the right-of-way and avoiding those with young.In areas with heavy brush and low visibility, talk or sing so that animals are not startled by your presence. You may want to carry bear spray after first learning how to use it effectively.