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Special Use Permits

Arctic Refuge is open to the public year-round. No permit is required if you are visiting the Refuge on your own as a member of a private recreational group. A Special Use Permit is required if:

1) You conduct a commercial activity such as guiding or providing commercial transportation; or
2) You propose to conduct scientific or geological research or other non-recreational activities.

Note that Arctic Refuge has established application periods for the following types of Special Use Permits:

  • Commercial Activities: There are two applications periods – January 1 until April 15 and October 1 until November 30.
  • Scientific Research Activities: October 1 until November 30 (for activities proposed the following calendar year).

Other Activities Requiring a Special Use Permit: Applications may be submitted at any time.

Follow this link for complete application information about Special Use Permits at Arctic Refuge.

If you have questions about special use permits at Arctic Refuge please contact Permits Specialist Maria Berkeland at arctic_permits@fws.gov or at 907-456-0512.

Other Services

The refuge does not provide facilities or services within the refuge boundaries.

Additional services are available outside the refuge and information is provided via web or contacting refuge staff: (907) 456-0250 and arctic_refuge@fws.gov.

Arctic Interagency Visitor Center, Coldfoot Alaska.

Visitors may also explore exhibits and information resources at the Arctic Interagency Visitor Center in Coldfoot, Alaska:
907-678-5209 or 678-2015 (open late May to early September),
and at Alaska Public Lands Information Centers:
Anchorage: 907-644--3680, anch_web_mail@nps.gov
Fairbanks, 907-459-3730, fair_information@nps.gov).