Facility Rules and Policies

This is where you can enjoy wildlife-related activities, including wildlife watching, hiking, fishing, and photography. Free of charge, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is open seven days a week from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset, unless otherwise posted. We welcome you to enjoy your public lands and admire the wonders of the natural environment with us, and we thank you for being safe and respectful to the wildlife and fellow visitors. 

Rules and Policies

The refuge is open one-hour before sunrise to one-hour after sunset daily. 

Visitors must stay on designated roads and trails. 

Pets must be under control and on leashes at all times. 

Camping, campfires, charcoal or wood-based fires, glass containers, and fireworks are prohibited. 

Bicycles are permitted on designated roads only. 

Off-highway vehicles are prohibited. 

24-hour access is permitted only for individuals actively fishing along the East Bay shoreline, parking areas on Frozen Point Road, and at the East Bay boat ramp. 

Any activity, other than those listed, or any commercial activity is prohibited unless approved by the refuge through a Special Use Permit. 

Collection of plants or animals, disturbing or feeding wildlife, playing recordings to attract wildlife, and drone use is prohibited.  

Fishing and crabbing are permitted in accordance with state regulations and subject to several conditions. Please contact refuge headquarters for a fishing information sheet.  

Hunting is permitted in certain areas of the refuge for designated species during designated dates. Hunters should contact refuge headquarters for a hunting brochure.