Migratory Song Birds

During the spring and fall, migratory song birds make their way from as far north as Canada all the way down to Central and South America.  Some birds circumnavigate the Gulf of Mexico, while certain others fly right across it.  For those that chose to do the latter, Anahuac is like a launching platform in the fall as they will not stop flying until they reach the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  In the spring, woodlots are seen from miles away as a haven for exhausted little birds that need to rinse the salt off of their bodies, rest, and regain sustenance before continuing their migration.

Below you will find an extensive list of the migratory song birds which can be seen in this area.  For a comprehensive and seasonal bar-chart of the birds which you can find in this area, click on this "e-bird" link.

A light grey bird with black stripe on the side of it's head, white breast and dark wing tip and tail feathers

Loggerhead Shrikes are thick-bodied songbirds. Their gray head contrasts with the wide, black mask, black bill, and white throat. Their tail is black with white corners; the wings are black with white at the base of the primaries, forming a small handkerchief spot when the wing is closed and...

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