Welcome to Woodlot Trail!

In years past this has been the area of the wildlife refuge that we have seen the greatest diversity and abundance of migratory birds during the spring migration.  The water feature at the Marchetti Bird Blind is the “centerpiece” of this trail.  There you will find places to sit or stand and watch the migrants wash the salt off their bodies and have a drink.  There are other places to sit and bird also.  One of the most common mistakes birders tend to make in this area is to be too fixated on the water feature and ignore the woodlot around them.  Please keep your animals leashed and be courteous of your fellow visitors by speaking softly in this area.  

If you would like to see a seasonal bar-chart of all of the birds that have been seen in this area, click on this "e-bird" link.  If you would like to see a list of all of the water-birds, wading-birds, and raptors you might encounter in this area, then you should visit our Shoveler Pond information page.  Visit our Migratory Song Birds page for a list of common species and some information on why they are here and where you can find them.