The Migratory Bird Permit Office administers over 20 permit types across the country. For more information about each permit type and how to apply, please click the links below. Don't know what kind of permit you need? Try searching the USFWS Permits page, using the Refine By Tool, to find the permit type that fits your needs. For processing fees associated with permits, check out our Processing Fees Table. The Migratory Bird Permitting Handbook provides procedural guidance on permit administration.

Permit Types (Apply Online)Application FormsFAQsInstructionsReport FormsRegulations
Abatement3-200-793-200-79 FAQs3-200-79 Instructions50 CFR § 21.95
Depredation3-200-133-200-13 FAQs3-200-13 Instructions3-202-950 CFR § 21.100
Eagle Aviary3-200-783-200-78 FAQs3-200-78 Instructions3-202-1450 CFR § 22.60
Eagle Depredation3-200-163-200-16 FAQs3-200-16 Instructions3-202-1150 CFR § 22.100
Eagle Exhibition - Live and Dead3-200-143-200-14 FAQs3-200-14 Instructions3-202-1350 CFR § 22.50
Eagle Incidental Take - Wind Energy - Specific Permit / General Permit 3-200-713-200-71 FAQs3-200-71 Instructions3-202-1550 CFR § 22.250
Eagle Incidental Take - Power Lines - Specific Permit / General Permit3-200-713-200-71 FAQs3-200-71 Instructions3-202-1550 CFR § 22.260
Eagle Nest Disturbance - Specific Permit / General Permit3-200-913-200-91 FAQs3-200-91 Instructions3-202-1550 CFR § 22.280
Eagle Nest Take - Specific Permit / General Permit3-200-723-200-72 FAQs3-200-72 Instructions3-202-1650 CFR § 22.300

Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes 

(NOTE: This permit type is now administered by the National Eagle Repository)

50 CFR § 22.60
Eagle Scientific Collecting3-200-73-200-7 FAQs3-200-7 Instructions3-202-150 CFR § 22.50
Eagle Take of Golden Eagle Nests During Resource Development or Recovery3-200-183-200-18 FAQs3-200-18 Instructions50 CFR § 22.325
Eagle Transport INTO the United States for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes3-200-823-200-82 FAQs3-200-82 Instructions50 CFR § 22.50
Education3-200-10c3-200-10c FAQs3-200-10c Instructions3-202-550 CFR § 21.95
Import/Export3-200-63-200-6 FAQs3-200-6 Instructions50 CFR §21.67
Migratory Bird Remains3-200-10f3-200-10f FAQs3-200-10f Instructions3-202-750 CFR § 21.95
Native American Tribal Eagle Retention3-15523-1552 FAQsNone Available3-1591 (Acquisition Form)50 CFR § 22.60
Raptor Propagation3-200-123-200-12 FAQs3-200-12 Instructions3-202-850 CFR §21.85
Rehabilitation3-200-10b3-200-10b FAQs3-200-10b Instructions3-202-450 CFR §21.76
Salvage - Special Purpose3-200-10a3-200-10a FAQs3-200-10a Instructions3-202-350 CFR § 21.95
Scientific Collecting3-200-73-200-7 FAQs3-200-7 Instructions3-202-150 CFR § 21.73
Special Canada Goose3-200-673-200-67 FAQs3-200-67 Instructions3-202-1050 CFR § 21.120
Special Double-crested Cormorant3-200-903-200-90 FAQs3-200-90 Instructions3-202-5650 CFR § 21.123
Gamebird - Special Purpose3-200-10e3-200-10e FAQs3-200-10e Instructions3-202-650 CFR § 21.95
Miscellaneous - Special Purpose3-200-10f3-200-10f FAQs3-200-10f Instructions3-202-750 CFR § 21.95
Utility - Special Purpose3-200-813-200-81 FAQs3-200-81 Instructions3-202-1750 CFR § 21.95
Taxidermy3-200-83-200-8 FAQs3-200-8 Instructions50 CFR § 21.63
Waterfowl Sale & Disposal3-200-93-200-9 FAQs3-200-9 Instructions3-202-250 CFR § 21.88
Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report 3-186a
Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl3-186
Special Purpose - Possession (Education) Permit Acquisition and Transfer Request3-202-12
Guidance for Veterinarian Certification of Condition - Non-ReleasableTemplate Veterinarian Letter
Depredation and Control Orders - Annual Report3-2436
Depredation Order for Blackbirds, Grackles, Cowbirds, Magpies, and Crows - Annual Report3-200-21-2143
Falconry 3-186A Database