What We Do

Pollinator Community

The Center for Pollinator Conservation is creating a community network composed of federal, state, and Tribal governments, non-governmental organizations, academia, and private industry.

The Center hosted a series of action planning workshops to collectively find common ground for building a pollinator conservation action plan to increase pollinator habitat for the next two to five years. The intent was to create connection and community and to identify and begin to address the most immediate and difficult challenges we collectively face in leading pollinator conservation. From the five workshops, more than 175 participants were essential in identifying five actions. With volunteers willing to champion each action, they are leading the path for implementation. The Center will collaborate with the champions to review the action plan alongside their existing projects to determine which of the actions we can help facilitate or add capacity.

The pollinator habitat conservation actions:

  1. Regulations and Policy
  2. Native Seed and Plant Availability
  3. Disconnection of Efforts and Partners
  4. Restricted/Limited Resources and Capacity
  5. Increase Public and Private Support

Stay tuned for the pollinator action plan being available to you in summer 2024.