About Us

Welcome to the Center for Pollinator Conservation. We promote working together to address declining pollinator populations in North America. This national center is a place for land managers, decision and policy makers, scientists, program leaders and others to explore, coordinate and share best practices and approaches. We work collaboratively with partners to implement conservation that benefits pollinator species. 

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service launched the Center for Pollinator Conservation in December 2022, fulfilling a pledge made during the June 2022 Monarch Summit.

Operations of the Center for Pollinator Conservation 

The Center for Pollinator Conservation operates across Service programs and regions, and with federal agencies and other interested parties to connect, coordinate and communicate on pollinator conservation efforts. The center works to improve the state of pollinator science and assist partners in implementing conservation actions that benefit pollinator species. Information regarding physical location will be forthcoming as the center begins to operate.  

Status of the Center for Pollinator Conservation 

The Center for Pollinator Conservation will focus on three key themes: 

  1. Highlighting the importance of pollinators;
  2. Understanding and responding to threats they face; and
  3. Identifying and coordinating actions across the Service and with other partners where possible to reverse declines.

These focus areas will expand as more practitioners and partners are engaged. Together we will define needed functions.   

Our strategies for conservation excellence emphasize inclusion of non-traditional partners and provide opportunities for diverse perspectives. We look forward to including the next generation of conservationists in developing our strategies and setting the center’s direction. 

Joining the Center for Pollinator Conservation 

The challenge of pollinators is bigger than the Service alone. The center will be an inclusive and welcoming space for all who are interested in conserving pollinators. It will strategically interact with others to amplify Service efforts and partner in others’ efforts when appropriate. More information regarding how to participate will be forthcoming as the center begins to operate.

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Initial staff include a director, a western monarch coordinator, a national communications coordinator and an insect biologist. More positions will be added based on the needs of the center and the Service.   

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