Contact the New Jersey Field Office

Office Phone Number
(609) 646-9310
(609) 383-3938

Project Review Email Box
The New Jersey Field Office accepts requests for project reviews only via email. 
Please send requests for NEW project reviews to:
Please DO NOT email general correspondence or inquiries to this address -- new project review requests only.
Please DO NOT email new project review requests to individual staff biologists.
Once a project review is in progress, follow-up emails can be exchanged directly with the assigned biologist.

Staff Directory

Staff email addresses follow the format
Direct Dial Individual Staff: (609) 382- XXXX (Extension)

Field Office Supervisor
SCHRADING, Eric-----Project Leader Extension 5272

Administrative Support
HOLWAY, Lori-----Administrative Officer Extension 5270
MCGHEE, Chris-----Office Assistant Extension 5269

Assistant Supervisor, Conservation Planning Assistance and Endangered Species
VACANT-----Supervisory Fish & Wildlife Biologist 

Conservation Planning Assistance
CIAPPI, Michael-----Senior Fish & Wildlife Biologist 609-867-9004
VACANT-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist

Endangered Species
WALSH, Wendy-----Senior Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5274
KLEE, Rebecca-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5265
PROTUS, Alicia-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist / Transportation Liaison Extension 5266

Environmental Response and Restoration
VACANT-----Senior Fish & Wildlife Biologist
BUGEL, Sean-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist  Extension 5265
LUELL, Steven-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5279
SCHEAFFER, Sarah-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist 609-833-1476
STARK, Jillian-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5262

Habitat Restoration
FREIDAY, Beth-----Senior Fish & Wildlife Biologist / NRCS Liaison Extension 5263
VIRGILIO, Marc-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5268
LYON, Meghan-----Fish & Wildlife Biologist Extension 5261 

Law Enforcement (Co-located at New Jersey Field Office)
WESSNER, David-----Special Agent Extension 5277

Key Contacts

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