The New Jersey Field Office online library is your place for species survey protocols, surveyor lists, guidance documents, and information about New Jersey's varied ecosystems and habitats. 


Bat roosting in a rocky crevice
Guidance, education, outreach, and other documents related to bat species and habitat management in New Jersey.
a tiny turtle walks through the grass
Guidance, education, outreach, and other documents related to species and habitat management on New Jersey freshwater areas.
Monarch butterfly
Information and guidance regarding pollinators and their habitats in New Jersey
Pronghorn running through sagebrush with natural gas field facility in background.
Browse our library for more information on the work we do, conservation projects, and guidance and policy for energy and infrastructure development.
Smal flock of white and grey shorebirds in the water. Photo appears to be taken from a distance
To better protect migratory bird populations and provide more certainty for the regulated public, the Service seeks to address human-caused mortality by providing information on beneficial practices to avoid and minimize the incidental injury and killing of migratory birds. The U.S. Fish and...
Two black-footed ferrets poke their heads out of black pipes lying in tall grass to examine the photographer
Here you can find resources from across the Fish and Wildlife Service about threatened or endangered species.
Sand dunes covered in sea oats with ocean in distance.
Search our library for more information on the Coastal Barrier Resources System, official maps, and legislation.