What We Do

The field office staff emphasizes an ecosystem approach incorporating Strategic Habitat Conservation to address and prioritize habitat issues through partnerships with other federal, state and local agencies, conservation organizations, private landowners, and citizens to achieve the greatest possible benefits to fish and wildlife.

Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) we work with:

  • Candidate Conservation Agreements
  • Section 7 Section 7
    Section 7 Consultation The Endangered Species Act (ESA) directs all Federal agencies to work to conserve endangered and threatened species and to use their authorities to further the purposes of the Act. Section 7 of the Act, called "Interagency Cooperation," is the mechanism by which Federal agencies ensure the actions they take, including those they fund or authorize, do not jeopardize the existence of any listed species.

    Learn more about Section 7
  • Section 10 Permits
  • Incidental Take Permits
  • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Listing of Species and Designation of Critical Habitat
  • Recovery Planning and Implementation  

Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program:

  • Primary Federal agency responsible for conserving, protecting, and enhancing the Puerto Rican parrot and its habitats.
  • Maintain a healthy and sustainable captive population and establish wild viable and interacting populations in Puerto Rico.

Under the Habitat Restoration Programs (PFW & Coastal Programs) & Initiatives we:

  • Collaborate with other agencies with the Farm Bill Services.
  • Provide financial and technical assistance for voluntary, on-the-ground habitat restoration and conservation projects in private or public lands.
  • Landowner Incentives
  • Landowner Agreements

Under the Environmental Quality Program (Contaminants) we:

  • Provide scientific information and technical assistance to all Service’s Divisions, other Federal agencies, and Commonwealth and Territorial agencies in the U.S. Caribbean on contamination, cleanup response, pollution, water quality, and pesticide-related resources issues.
  • Coordinate with Federal and local partners.
  • Oil spill response
  • Natural and damage assessments
  • Restoration plans

Our Services

We promote healthy fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats and offer a variety of services through our programs: Endangered Species, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Contaminants, Coastal Program and Project Evaluation.

More information:
  • Caribbean Ecological Services Field Office brochures in English and Spanish

Our Projects and Research

Working with others is at the core of how we operate, and through those partnerships, we develop a number of conservation projects across the Caribbean, from conserving Puerto Rican parrots in our forests to working to improve some of our most important coastal areas. Learn more about some of the key efforts we have underway.