Information provided by the Caribbean Field Office to help you understand the rich diversity of life of the Caribbean islands, ways we are working to conserve it, and to facilitate the review of federal projects for their impacts to plants, fish, and wildlife.


Aerieal view of saltwater (intertidal) wetlands.
This library collection includes resources and information related to Coastal Barrier Resources Act project consultations, as well as guidance for shoreline stabilization, disaster assistance, and property buyouts.
American avocet wading in wetland
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Crustáceos de Agua Dulce del Caribe

Los estudios de crustáceos de agua dulce en el Caribe comenzaron alrededor del año 1800 y el interés en estudiar su biología, ecología y su rol en los ecosistemas acuáticos ha aumentado en los últimos años. Son diversos, ampliamente distribuidos y se encuentran comúnmente en ríos, quebradas,...

Caribbean Freshwater Fish
marron bacora_final critical habitat_plot points.pdf

Final critical habitat plot points for marron bacora

a brown snake in foliage
A virtual public hearing was held on February 16, 2023 regarding the July 2022 proposal to remove the boa from the Endangered Species List. Transcripts and video recordings will be uploaded as soon as they are available.