Projects and Research

Working with others is at the core of how we operate, and through those partnerships, we develop a number of conservation projects across the Caribbean, from conserving Puerto Rican parrots in our forests to working to improve some of our most important coastal areas. Learn more about some of the key efforts we have underway.

Puerto Rican Parrot recovery program

The Puerto Rican parrot recovery program is an effort to conserve, protect and manage wild and captive parrots in order to downlist the species from endangered to threatened.

The Iguaca, as the Taino Indians named it, is found only in Puerto Rico. There are three wild populations, including the oldest group in El Yunque...

Coastal Program/Programa Costero

The Coastal Program was established in the Caribbean in 2005. It focuses on helping communities, agencies and organizations face the challenge of integrating economic development with the conservation of our coastal resources, combining efforts for their protection and restoration.

What is the Coastal Program?

It is a voluntary participation...