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Lodi Fish & Wildlife OfficeServing the people and conserving the fish, wildlife and plants of California

A Unit Of The Pacific Southwest Region

Lodi Fish & Wildlife Office...

  • Funds habitat restoration and research projects focused on increasing anadromous fish populations in California's Central Valley through the Anadromous Fish Restoration Program.
  • Provides technical assistance to people, programs and watershed groups attempting to limit the spread of invasive plants and animals through the Aquatic Invasive Species Program.
  • Conducts field studies to document the status of juvenile fish populations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta through the Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program.
  • Conducts juvenile salmonid survival studies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to identify areas of high mortality and to recommend management actions to improve juvenile salmon and steelhead survival through the Delta.


For endangered species consultaion, contact the Bay Delta Fish & Wildlife Office.

See also that office's Bay Delta Fisheries pages.

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Last updated: September 30, 2020