Mentoring the Next Generation - Voices of Experience


Target Audience:

DOI employees who are currently serving as mentors to young adults, or those who are interested in exploring such a relationship.

Summary and Objectives:

As you view this previously recorded webinar, you will hear the ins and outs of mentoring as a panel of experienced mentors and mentees answer questions and provide suggestions for ensuring a productive mentor-mentee relationship. Then apply the insights you've gained to your own mentoring practices to build a more open, inclusive, and trusting relationship with your mentee(s). This online self study training builds on the course OUT8081 and focuses on trouble-shooting challenges in a mentoring relationship. Course completion awards annual diversity training credits of 2 1/2 hours to participants scoring 80% or higher on the final assessment.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe at least one method for clarifying the scope/limits of the mentor's role.
  • Describe at least one way to overcome identified barriers.
  • Describe at least two proactive methods for addressing a mentee's unrealistic expectations.
  • Describe how other mentors have addressed long-distance challenges.
  • Describe at least one method for correcting a misunderstanding with a mentee that was due to a difference in culture.
  • Identify and address instances when a mentee crosses a boundary.
  • Describe at least one process for making a 'course correction' when a relationship starts off badly.
  • Describe when it is best to end the relationship prior to the initially agreed upon end date.
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