Mentoring: Getting Started with your Mentee


So you've decided to become a mentor and get started with your first mentee meeting. You are about to embark on a truly rewarding experience that will benefit you, your mentee, and your agency. The changing nature of many careers has led to a need to adjust to workplace organizational shifts. Current and future staff need to adapt, learn new skills, and participate in communication networks to advance their careers. More often, these needs are being met through mentoring relationships. For the Mentee, starting a relationship with a mentor can lead to real benefits, an internship, greater career opportunities, or more abstract, gaining confidence and recognition. As a mentor, the relationship can provide the opportunity to participate in the development of a promising employee and to foster a diversity of future career employees in your agency.

This course is a prerequisite for Mentoring the Next Generation - Voices of Experience - OUT8050 online previously recorded webinar course. Course completion awards annual diversity training credits of 2 1/2 hours to participants scoring 80% or higher on the final assessment.

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Relationship Management - Basic, Employee Development - Awareness, Teaching Others - Basic

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