Enhanced Skills in Natural Resource Negotiation


Target Audience: 

Government and non-governmental organization (NGO) employees who are engaged in natural resource negotiations including biologists, planners, managers, and project leaders.

Summary and Objectives: 

This training course presents participants with advanced principles, skills, and techniques used in natural resource negotiation. The focus of the course is threefold: 1) strategy development, 2) personal skill enhancement, and 3) effective management of negotiating teams.  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply negotiation strategies to a variety of natural resource decision situations. 
  • Plan multi-party, long-term negotiations.
  • Coach others in the negotiation process.
  • Describe alternative negotiation “frames”. 
  • Use “active listening” to communicate more effectively.  
  • Identify and apply technical information to support a negotiation strategy. 
  • Select, assemble, and lead an effective negotiation team.


Previous negotiating experience and completion of either the Negotiation Skills for Conservation Professionals: Building a Foundation (CLM8135/CLM8135A) or Essentials of Natural Resource Negotiation (BLM-TC-1610-42) course are prerequisites for this course. If you have not completed the prerequisite course, please consult with the course leader before registering. 

Competency Addressed: 

Influencing/Negotiating - Advanced, Conflict Management - Intermediate, Negotiation - Advanced, Interpersonal Skills - Intermediate, Listening - Intermediate, Strategic Thinking - Intermediate

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