Collaborative Conservation: Partnerships in Practice


Target Audience:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal employees actively involved in community-based conservation partnerships and possessing foundational partnership and collaboration skills. This course is open to graduates of the Managing by Network course (CLM8123) and those from conservation collaboratives, the Refuge System, Ecological Services, Fisheries, and the Partners Program.

Summary and Objectives:

This course is designed for federal employees actively involved in community-based partnerships who want to further develop their understanding and use of social science concepts, practices, and tools to strengthen community engagement and achieve long-term human and ecological outcomes. This advanced-level course builds on the foundational skills taught in the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy: Managing by Network course. Participants will cultivate their professional competencies for partnership and community collaboration by learning from conservation leaders and their experiences of real-world implementation, and then transferring and applying that knowledge to their partnerships.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the competencies needed for developing and sustaining successful collaborative partnerships.
  • Identify the skills and expertise supportive of successful partnerships and transfer that knowledge to their roles in partnership and community collaboration.
  • Apply knowledge gained in working across program lines to develop creative, visionary conservation actions that lead to on-the-ground partnership accomplishments.
  • Employ sound techniques to leverage conservation resources effectively, including people and materials.


It is recommended but not mandatory that participants complete the Partnerships and Community Collaboration: Managing by Network course (CLM8123) before attending this class.

Competency Addressed:

Partnering - Advanced, Team Building - Advanced, Accountability - Advanced, Stakeholder Management - Advanced, Strategic Thinking - Advanced, Integrity/Honesty - Advanced

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30 hours
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