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 Please read the Data Disclaimer and Use Constraints for each mapper before use.

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CBRS Mapper - Existing Boundaries

CBRS data desktop/mobile viewer; data last modified Oct. 1, 2017. Use this mapper to view the existing CBRS boundaries. This mapper can be used to help property owners, local, State, and Federal stakeholders, and others determine whether or not properties or project sites may be affected by CBRA. Please read the Data Disclaimer and Use Constraints.

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CBRS Projects Mapper - Draft Boundaries

Draft revised CBRS units (including additions, deletions, and reclassifications) within active mapping projects; date last modified Mar. 9, 2018. Use this mapper to view changes to the CBRS that are proposed by the Service.

Note: The revised units depicted in this mapper are not currently effective.

Last updated: April 17, 2018