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Make Your Home a Safe, Healthy Home for Wildlife


Oregon is home to an enormous diversity of wildlife! As humans alter the landscape, the habitats native wildlife once called home are changing and disappearing. By making your home safe and healthy, you can help support Oregon’s native wildlife species. 

  • Native Wildlife Needs Our Help!

    Monarch butterfly feeding on flower (Photo credit: USFWS)

    Many native wildlife species are in trouble. Factors like development, invasive species, and climate change all play a part in changing the landscape these animals once called home. 

  • Good News - Everyone Can Help Native Wildlife!

    Woman putting native plants in her yard (Photo Credit: USFWS)

    Small actions can lead to BIG change. No matter where you live, everyone can do something to help make their home a safe and healthy home for native wildlife.  

  • Learn What You Can Do

    Hummingbird in flight (Photo credit: USFWS)

    If you live in a home with... 

    Window Only

    Window Ledge or a Balcony Only

    Small Yard

    Large Yard 


  • Help Your Favorite Wildlife Species

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