Young lady walking her dog on Turnbull Pine Lake Loop Trail.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is welcome on the refuge. We recommend the Pine Lakes Loop Trail, as it is close to parking, restrooms, a has a dog waste station.

  • Pets must be confined or on a leash no longer than six feet at all times.
  • Pets are not permitted at the visitor contact station.
  • Pet owners must promptly and properly dispose of their pet’s waste.
  • Pets may be restricted in some areas during events, or due to management-related activities.
  • Animals that are not permitted on the refuge include: unconfined domestic animals, animals listed by the state or federal government as Nonnative, Conditional, or Prohibited Species or Injurious Wildlife.
  • These rules and regulations do not impose restrictions on Service Animals.
  • View additional regulations on our Rules and Policies page.

National wildlife refuges are places where wildlife come first. Please help protect wildlife and their homes by respecting refuge rules and regulations. If a high number of reports of negative pet-wildlife or pet-people interactions are reported, the refuge may restrict or eliminate pet visits.

Failure to respect the Refuge regulations and your fellow visitors can result in a citation and fine per 50 CFR 26.21(b)  and 50 CFR 27.51(a). Impoundment and/or destruction of the animal is a potential penalty as well, per 50 CFR 28.43.

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