An image of a hunter in a tree stand with their rifle.

Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge is on and around Kentucky Lake in northwest Tennessee. The refuge's three units, Big Sandy, Duck River and Busseltown, stretch for 65 miles along the Tennessee River. Hunters will find a variety of river habitat, creating many hunting opportunities. The refuge is open to hunting squirrel, raccoon, opossum, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, crow, dove and resident Canada goose.  State bag limits apply on all hunts.

Deer hunting follows statewide seasons, but ends on November 15th for most of the refuge.  But for one section of the refuge called Hunt Area 4, deer hunting is open for the entire statewide season.  See the refuge hunt brochure for more details. Some areas of the refuge are now in a positive CWD county and under carcass transportation restrictions.

Turkey hunting can be good along the river, and both the spring and fall hunts are general access. Fall turkeys may be hunted with bows during the archery deer hunt. Hunters may hunt squirrel and raccoon during appropriate seasons on the refuge. While the refuge can draw thousands of ducks, it is preserved as a winter refuge for waterfowl. However, a resident Canada geese season is held in September. Crow and Dove may be hunted on the refuge as well.  However, federally approved non-toxic shot is required for all crow, dove and Canada goose hunts. Beaver and coyote may be hunted incidental to any scheduled refuge hunt.

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