Facility Activities

Unit 1

The majority of the accessible Refuge wetlands lay within the Unit 1 management area, which can be accessed through the intersection of Vendel and Bannister Rd. Visitors to Unit 1 can walk the Hardenberger Trail, occupy 2 separate photo blinds (both of which have been recently renovated), or use the observation tower and platform located next to the parking lot. Unit 1 also provides visitors with a small outhouse and a kiosk.

Unit 2

The Headquarters, Visitor Center, newly renovated flush bathrooms and water fountain, and gift shop are located at 906 W Sinclair Rd. While here, visitors can also access the Rockhill Trail, a 2-mile loop. Since its establishment, the refuge has had a fluid relationship with the shoreline and is not completely landlocked due to the shrinking of the sea. Though visitors can still take in sweeping views of the Sea and shoreline from the Rockhill trail which ends on top of an “active” volcano.  


The refuge offers several sites for waterfowl hunting from October through February in accordance with the State of California regulations. 

Hunting is only allowed in Unit 2 of the Refuge. Pit and Disability accessible blinds are located within the Union Farm Fields and Hazard...

Refuge waters include the Salton Sea, a saltwater inland "lake," saltier than the ocean. There are approximately 35,500 acres of refuge lake area open to fishing, with water ranging from shallow to about 20 feet deep. Fishing season is year-round, but there are is no active fishery in the sea...

Take your pick of 2,100 miles of refreshing trails and boardwalks. Whether you want a short, easy walk or a challenging hike, you’re likely to find what you want. Some trails are paved and universally accessible. Some trails include displays on visual arts, local history and culture or environmental education.

One of the primary objectives of the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge is to provide high-quality environmental education to an interested audience.

Teachers, outdoor education leaders, adult leaders, and students are actively involved in exploring the diverse habitats of the...