Facility Rules and Policies

Vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.):

·  Motorized vehicles are prohibited on Refuge lands except on designated public roads and Refuge roads open to travel.

·  Off-road travel, to include dirt two-tracks, except that portion of Culver Road when open, is prohibited on the Refuge.

·  Travel on closed roads or going around gates is illegal.


·  All pets must be leashed.  Hunting dogs being used during the appropriate waterfowl hunting seasons must be under the owner’s immediate control at all times.


·  Fires are allowed only in the fire rings provided in the Upper Lake and River Marsh campgrounds.  Fires are not allowed in/on any other areas of the Refuge. 

·  The Refuge reserves the right to prohibit all fires in campgrounds pursuant to weather conditions.


·  All government property, including natural, historic, and archaeological features, are protected by Federal law. 

·  Searching for or removal of objects of antiquity, plants, animals, animal nests, rocks, antlers, bones, skulls, or other objects is prohibited.

·  Please also do not pick flowers or other vegetation so that future visitors will enjoy them as you have.  Picking berries and mushrooms is also prohibited.

·  Cutting, removing, or damaging any tree or other vegetation, standing or down, live or dead is prohibited.

Prohibited Activities:

·  Possession or use of fireworks or explosives is not permitted on the Refuge.

·  Swimming is not allowed in any body of water on the Refuge.

·  Drones are not permitted for use on the Refuge

·  Geocaching is not allowed on the Refuge.

Activities not described in this section OR the activities section(s) are prohibited on the Refuge.  To inquire about regulations or Refuge operations, contact the Refuge staff at: 406-276-3536