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Blue Goose Trail: Designated for foot traffic. Includes arduous hiking over stumps & exposed roots. This 1.4 mile trail features upland fields, forest, freshwater marsh and several wildlife observation areas.

Dike Trail: Designated for foot traffic (wheelchair accessible). This 0.5 mile one-way trail features a wheelchair accessible observation platform overlooking the marsh and opportunities for wildlife observation and photography.

Pine Grove Trail: Designated for foot traffic. This 0.8 mile loop winds through a pine and hardwood forest adjacent to Turkle and Fleetwood Ponds and features a viewing platform overlooking the marsh.

Photography Blind Trail: Designated for foot traffic. This 0.3 mile trail offers visitors opportunities to photograph wildlife from a fully enclosed photography blind that is open on a first- come, first-serve basis.

Boardwalk Trail: Designated for foot traffic (wheelchair accessible). This 0.5 mile loop meanders through uplands, forested wetlands, and across 600 feet of freshwater marsh, offering visitors opportunities for wildlife observation, photography, and environmental interpretation.

Black Farm Trail: Designated for foot traffic. This 1.6 mile trail meanders through wooded uplands adjacent to agricultural lands and freshwater marshes.

Canoe Trail: Designated for canoes, kayaks, and motorboats (<25HP). This 7.0 mile trail (one- way) leads canoeing and fishing enthusiasts into a red maple swamp and cattail marsh along Prime Hook Creek.

Mosquitoes, ticks, and biting fly populations can be very high from June through September. Proper preventive care, including tucking your pant legs into your socks and applying insect repellent, can assist visitors in warding off ticks and mosquitoes. Please use caution to avoid poison ivy shrubs and vines because it can cause a serious skin rash in humans.

Fleetwood Pond Trail

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Island Farm Trail

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Photo Blind Trail

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