An image of a hunter in a tree stand with their rifle.

The beautiful and mysterious swamp of Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is one of the best-protected wilderness areas in the southeastern United States. The refuge has become a popular destination for paddlers who camp out on platforms along wilderness canoe trails. Hunters can also experience this special place, with three hunting units in the upland portion of the refuge. The Suwannee Canal Unit hunts, for deer and feral hog, are issued by lottery and are held along a developed wildlife drive. The Pocket Unit offers a general access archery hunt for deer and feral hog. The Cowhouse Unit offers hunts in conjunction with the adjacent Dixon Memorial Wildlife Management Area. These walk-in hunts are held during state seasons for deer, feral hog, turkey, rabbit and squirrel.

2023-2024 Hunt Schedule

(B) – Bonus Hunt

(S) – Sign in at Dixon Memorial WMA

(Q) – Quota Lottery Hunt

Cowhouse Unit 


Archery - Either Sex: Sept. 9-26, Oct. 1-4, Oct. 8-13
Firearms - Either Sex (B): Sept. 28-30, Nov 2-4

Firearms - Either Sex (S): Oct. 5-7, Nov. 22-26
Firearms - Buck Only (S): Oct.14-29

TURKEY Apr. 6 - May 15, 2024


Squirrel ONLY: Aug. 15 - Nov. 10

Quail/Rabbit/Squirrel ONLY: Nov. 11 - Nov. 17, Nov. 19-Dec. 1, Dec. 3 - Feb. 29
Feral Hogs may be taken May 16-31, no dogs allowed. No coyote hunting.

Pocket Unit 
DEER Archery - Either Sex: Sept. 16 - Nov. 14 (Sign-in/Out Required)

Suwannee Canal Unit 
DEERFirearms (Shotgun/muzzleloader ONLY) Either Sex: Oct. 20 - 21 (Q30) (B)

Wheelchair & Youth Hunters - (Shotgun or muzzleloader ONLY) Either Sex: Oct. 20 - 21 (Q10) (B)