Facility Rules and Policies

Please consider the health and welfare of the wildlife and habitats on your visit.

Please Familiarize Yourselves with our Rules and Regulations- Thanks!

General refuge rules and regulations include the following:

  • Observe posted speed limits.  
  • Feeding, touching or capturing, or harassing of Key deer, alligators and other wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  • No motorized vehicles on trails or off-road.  Includes motorcycles, ATV’s and golf carts, etc.
  • Pets on leash allowed.
  • Collecting or taking of wildlife or plants, artifacts, rocks, driftwood, and shells on refuge is prohibited. 
  • No camping or campfires.
  • No hunting or discharging of firearms. 
  • Bicycles are not permitted Blue Hole, Nature Trails or beach portion of Long Beach.
  • Flying of Drones is prohibited