Facility Rules and Policies


  • Refuge beaches and trails are open from sunrise to sunset. 
  • Hiking, wildlife observation, and photography only in areas open to public use and on designated trails. 
  • Boating, canoeing and kayaking in coastal waters - U.S. Coast Guard, state, and refuge regulations apply. 
  • Sport fishing permitted. Only the use of rods and reels or poles and lines is permitted and they must be attended at all times. Only two poles per angler. State and refuge regulations apply.
  • Well behaved, leashed dogs are permitted ONLY on the trails around the Visitor Center.
  • Firearms and weapons possession in compliance with Federal and State Law.
  • Be aware of Manatee Protection Zones in the area and pay attention to regulatory signs identifying Manatee Zones.  


  • The taking, harassing, injuring, feeding, enticing or disturbing wildlife and plants.
  • The taking of turtles, turtle eggs, or any other wildlife of any kind.
  • The release of any animals or plants into the Refuge.
  • Metal detectors and searching for and taking of artifacts or objects of antiquity on the Refuge.
  • All litter must be removed from the refuge and placed in proper trash receptacles.
  • Pets of any kind at the Atlantic Coast Beach. (Well behaved, leashed dogs are permitted on the trails around the Visitor Center.)
  • Commercial fishing of any kind.
  • Motorcycles, ATV’s, or other motorized vehicles of any type off of paved roads.
  • Camping, fires of any type, hunting, nudity, commercial activities and spotlighting wildlife are not permitted.
  • Entry into areas posted as closed.
  • The use of aircraft, manned or unmanned, including drones is prohibited on Refuge lands. Landing of manned-aircraft is permitted only in emergency situations.