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Morris Wetland Management District offers us all a chance to unplug from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with our natural surroundings. There are many outdoor activities for the wildlife and outdoor enthusiast to pick from that are compatible with the district’s mission.

Driving Directions

The district headquarters is located at 43875 230th Street, Morris, MN 56267, 3 miles east of Morris, Minnesota. Contact us at 320-589-1001.


There is no charge to visit.


Restrooms are only available at the district headquarters. 

Points of Interest

Visitors are welcome to stop by the district office located at 43875 230th Street, Morris, MN 56267. The office is open Monday - Friday (except federal holidays) 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Inside, you will find various interpretive and educational displays, viewing platforms and additional information on how you can enjoy the district. Outside, on the Edwards Waterfowl Production Area we have a 3.5 mile auto tour, a 1.1 mile interpretive hiking trail, a 0.1 mile paved trail and a photography blind. The auto tour is open daily from dawn to dusk, from the time the snow melts and the road condition allow it to be open in spring through mid-October. Photographers can use the photo blind during daylight hours on a first-come basis.

Another popular destination on the district is Froland Waterfowl Production Area, located 15 miles east of the office on County Road 10. Here you’ll find a 1.7 mile interpretive trail that exposes hikers to a variety of native habitat types, including prairie, oak savanna and wetlands, which were historically found throughout west-central Minnesota. An accessible trail leads to an observation platform with spotting scopes overlooking a large wetland.

Each of the 249 waterfowl production areas offer opportunities for outdoor recreation. A handful of waterfowl production areas allow visitors to experience the tallgrass prairie and the prairie pothole region as it once existed. In particular, Rothi Waterfowl Production Area in Big Stone County (8 miles east of Ortonville, Minnesota at the intersection of Odessa Township roads 122 and 64) allows visitors to hike on 1,235 acres of grasslands and wetlands in a landscape containing some of the best waterfowl breeding habitat in Minnesota.

What To Do

If you have 15-minutes

  • Drive the auto tour route, explore the visitor service center and go to the Froland Waterfowl Production Area observation deck

If you have one hour

  • Hike either the Edward or Froland Waterfowl Production Area interpretive trails

If you have half a day or more

  • Explore the tallgrass prairie ecosystem by wandering through any of the 249 Waterfowl Production Areas. Some of the larger intact blocks of tallgrass prairie habitat can be found on Hillman, Rothi, Hegland, Hastad, Robinhood, Mosquito Ranch, Loen and Svor Waterfowl Production Areas.

Know Before You Go

When planning a trip to the district, it is important to bring and use the appropriate gear for your planned activities. District lands are open year around, and recreation opportunities abound. You should consider bringing water, food, binoculars, field guides, maps, sunscreen, insect repellent, pertinent regulations and anything else that might make your outdoor experience more enjoyable in the season you plan to visit. Also, be aware that road conditions vary. Many roads to waterfowl production areas are surfaced with gravel and some are “minimum maintenance” roads that are often not passable without a 4-wheel drive vehicle. For specific road condition information, please contact the district office at 320-589-1001. During hunting seasons, it is prudent to remain visible to others recreating on the properties by wearing appropriate blaze orange.


District lands are open year around for many types of activities that are compatible with maintaining tallgrass prairie habitat and do not jeopardize waterfowl production. To ensure your safety and protect wildlife and habitat, please be sure to review the district regulations before visiting.


Edward’s Waterfowl Production Area Interpretive Trail

Open Season: Year round
Length: 1.1 miles
Location of trail: Starts and ends at the district headquarters
Surface: Grass in the summer and snow covered in the winter
Difficulty: Moderate
Information: Interpretive panels, photography blind and observation deck

Edward’s Waterfowl Production Area Paved Trail

Open Season: Non-snow covered months (typically mid-May to mid-October)
Length: 0.1 miles
Location of trail: Starts and ends at the district headquarters
Surface: Paved
Difficulty: Moderate (ADA compliant)

Froland Waterfowl Production Area Interpretive Trail

Open Season: Year round
Length: 1.7 miles
Location of trail: Froland Waterfowl Production Area, east parking lot and trailhead is approximately 1.6 miles south of the town of Starbuck
Surface: Grass in the summer and snow covered in the winter. First 75 feet from the eastern parking lot to the observation deck is graveled (ADA compliant)
Difficulty: Moderate
Information: Observation deck, spotting scope and interpretive panels

Rules and Policies

Welcome to your wetland management district wetland management district
A wetland management district is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office that manages waterfowl production areas in one or more counties. Waterfowl production areas are small natural wetlands and grasslands that provide breeding, resting and nesting habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, grassland birds and other wildlife. The Fish and Wildlife Service acquires waterfowl production areas under the authority of the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Act, primarily using funds from the sale of Federal Duck Stamps. The Refuge System’s 38 wetland management districts comprise thousands of waterfowl production areas – almost all in the Prairie Pothole Region of the Northern Great Plains.

Learn more about wetland management district
. District lands are open every day for you to discover new places to hunt, fish, take pictures, watch wildlife, pick wild edibles (for personal use), trap, hike, cross-country ski, snowshoe and canoe.

Hunting, fishing and trapping seasons generally follow state seasons and regulations. Please consult the Wetland Management District Manager at 320-589-1001 if you have questions. We may post additional site-specific regulations.

To ensure your safety and protect wildlife and habitat, please be aware of these regulations.


Morris Wetland Management District
43875 230th StreetMorris,MN56267-5404
Visitor Center Hours
Monday - Friday, except federal holidays
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Auto Tour Hours
Daily from the time the snow melts and the road condition allow in the spring through mid-October
Dawn - Dusk