Facility Rules and Policies

Keālia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is a fantastic home for an abundant variety of wildlife who would love to have you as their guest. They just ask that you follow a few house rules. Refuge Hours: Gates open at 7:30am and are locked at 5pm. Visitor Center is open on Monday 12pm-3pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm. Closed all federal holidays. The Keālia Coastal Boardwalk opens at 6:00am and gates are locked at 7:00pm.The refuge can be enjoyed all year long.

Please remember the following are not permitted at the refuge: No pets, drones, collecting, handling wildlife, fires, camping, hunting, or fishing.

Prohibited Recreational Activities

Recreational activities such as bicycling, ball throwing, frisbees, jogging, and skateboarding are not wildlife-dependent and result in altering birds behavior from feeding or resting to avoidance. Even an activity as seemingly "quiet” as flying a kite is a disturbance as birds perceive the shape and motion as an avian predator and consume valuable energy in avoidance (fly away) or chase away if they are protecting nests and/or chicks. Pets are not allowed on the refuge for these same reasons. Nonwildlife dependent activities can be performed in the numerous county parks located along South Kīhei Road in Kīhei. Disturbing or removing plants, animals, rocks, fossils, or artifacts is prohibited.