Seasons of Wildlife

The states of Washington and Oregon have a diverse climate- cool and rainy in winter, warm and sunny in summer, and everything in between. The species that live on the refuge must be able to adapt to whatever comes in this corner of the Pacific Northwest.


Fall is a fantastic time to visit the refuge- trees change to brilliant colors and the weather is just right before the rainy season hits. Deer and elk roam the refuge, bulking up on whatever food they can find before winter.


Winter is cold and wet, and snow can blanket the refuge in the later months. Plants and animals here have evolved adaptations to endure this long and dark season.


Spring brings warming temperatures and fresh growth, as well as migrants from all over the world. This can be a great time to get out on the refuge and look for returning species or some who are just passing through.


Summer is truly one of the most splendid seasons here, as warmth and sun encourage visitors and wildlife alike to spend as much time as possible in this place.

Featured Species

Julia Butler Hansen Refuge uniquely showcases the Columbia white-tailed deer and its habitat. It also encompasses a diversity of other habitats, many influenced by the presence of water. Hundreds of plant and animal species use the habitats protected by this refuge.