Featured Species

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge provides habitat for over 120 species of birds, about 60 of which are year round residents, and about 33 species of mammals. Notable resident wildlife include the Florida panther, American kestrel, black bear, blue-gray gnatcatcher, northern bobwhite, bobcat and wood stork. Seasonal birds of interest include the northern parula, cedar waxwing, tree swallow, swallow-tailed kite, and sandhill crane. 

For habitat, the refuge is characterized by lush tropical vegetation with over 700 species of plants.  Cypress strands meander through the Refuge. Tropical hardwood hammocks, which are dominated by ancient live oaks, are found along upland ridges. Acres of slash pine and saw palmetto lie adjacent to wet prairies blooming with glades lobelia, tickseed and prairie milkweed. Rare orchids and bromeliads are found throughout this mix of habitats.