Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge and State Park is an island opened to the public but with very limited visitor facilities. There are no existing restrooms due to the challenges associated with the island’s off-shore location.  Some of the facilities include year-round opened trails.  Egmont Key benefits from the daily presence of state park employees who roam the island and are willing to assist visitors on a day to day basis.  There are several beaches that are well marked and designated as year-round bird sanctuaries and are off-limits (closed) to any public entry.  There is no drinking water available on the island, so please be sure to bring plenty of water.  Other recommended items are:  insect repellent, sunscreen, hat and closed shoes when hiking inland trails. 


Palmetto Trail - constructed in 1905 from Copeland and Enlis brick, this one mile, level trail provides an inspiring hike near several historic buildings and widely dispersed cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto) 

All trails are open from 8am to dusk 365 days a year. One hundred year old brick roads form the base of most of the trails. The trails are level and of easy difficulty.

Rules and Policies

Rules and Policies

  1. Bird sanctuaries – Several beaches are closed to visitors year-round while some beaches are closed seasonally. These closed beaches offer colonial sea birds and shorebirds and sea turtles the undisturbed nesting and loafing habitat that they need to survive. 

  2. Only service animals are allowed on Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge. 

  3. The collection, destruction or disturbance of plants, animals or refuge property is prohibited. Only dead sea shells can be collected along the island’s shores.  

  4. Hunting, alcohol, fireworks, camping, open fires, glass containers and several other activities are also prohibited. 

  1. Egmont Key is open from sunrise to sunset only. 


Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge
C/O Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge1502 SE Kings Bay DriveCrystal River,FL34429-4661

Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge and State Park is located only 1 1/2 miles off-shore from Fort de Soto State Park just outside of St. Petersburg.  

Access to the refuge is by boat only. There are commercial guide boats that provide daily tours of Egmont Key NWR from Fort de Soto State Park and from other nearby areas. Egmont Key is open from sunrise to sunset. 

Refuge Hours