Hunting on the marsh

Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge provides excellent opportunities for both deer and migratory bird hunting. All hunting is conducted following state and federal regulations and there are additional refuge-specific regulations; it is the hunter’s responsibility to know the applicable regulations. 

We offer hunting for deer, migratory birds, squirrel and turkey. We follow all State deer seasons for the 5 zones the refuge overlaps.

To hunt deer on the refuge, you will need to apply for the refuge lottery for each season you wish to hunt. The hunts available in the lottery are listed below. No lottery occurs for muzzleloader; however, we will be open for Permit Muzzleloader hunting.

  • Fall Bow
  • Permit Bow
  • Winter Bow
  • Permit Shotgun
  • 6-day Firearm
  • 3-day Permit Shotgun near Refuge Headquarters - This hunt is ONLY offered in Galloway Township near the refuge office area in early December.

You will need the State DMZ permit for DMZs 22, 24, 26, 42, and/or 51 for permit hunts depending on where you hunt. You will also need the Annual Refuge Hunting Permit to hunt on the refuge. You only purchase one Refuge Permit for the year for all seasons, including deer, turkey, migratory birds, and squirrel.

Hunting Maps

Check out our interactive map to zoom in on your favorite hunting spot, or download the maps below for access, parking, and refuge hunting information.

Permits are required to hunt on the Refuge
  • We require a $25 annual hunting permit in addition to required state and federal permits, stamps, and licenses. One annual permit allows you to hunt all seasons. Reduced fees are available for seniors, and permits are free for active duty, veterans, gold star families, and youth (16 and under). Annual permits go on sale March 1st each year. For more Refuge permit information click *here*.
Deer Hunt Lottery Information

For the 2024/25 season, you will need to enter the refuge lottery for all except the muzzleloader hunts. You will need to buy State DMZ Permits for Permit Bow, Permit Muzzleloader, and Permit Shotgun seasons. 

The refuge is divided into two areas: Forsythe North and Forsythe South. State DMZ 51 overlaps Forsythe North. DMZs 22, 24, 26 and 42 overlap Forsythe South (see map). Know where you want to hunt to make sure you enter the right lotteries!

The lottery application site is on RecAccess ( and will open no later than July 16, 2024. You will have until midnight on August 8, 2024, to enter. You will be notified via email by August 13, 2024, if you have been selected. The fee to enter each lottery is $2. You may enter as many of the lotteries as you wish, and you will only be charged a maximum of $8 for all of your entries combined (for this benefit, all or your entries need to be made at the same time). Once you are selected, no additional fees are charged for lottery permits, but to claim lottery permits you must purchase the Annual Refuge Hunt Permit.

You may select up to 3 people to hunt in a group for each lottery you enter. You will need each hunters RAID at the time of lottery entry in order to include them in your group.

Below is the number of hunters to be drawn for each hunt.This data was developed in coordination with the NJ DEP Fish and Wildlife Deer Biologist.
Forsythe North        4,130 AcresForsythe South        5,267 Acres3-Day Shotgun (Galloway Twp)          442 Acres
SeasonPermit AllocationSeasonPermit AllocationSeasonPermit Allocation
Fall Bow45Fall Bow60Permit Shotgun25
Permit Bow45Permit Bow60
Winter Bow45Winter Bow60
Permit Shotgun60Permit Shotgun65
6-Day Firearm606-Day Firearm65
 **Unclaimed Lottery Permits:

Hunters will have until midnight on August 28, 2024, to claim their winning lottery permit. At noon on August 30, 2024, any remaining unclaimed lottery permits will be available to all members of the public until the end of hunting season.

Youth hunt days do not require lottery entry.

If you have questions about the refuge hunt program, call us at 609-652-1665 between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday-Friday.