Interpretive Tours

Interpretive tours are a fun way to connect with nature, history, and provide hands-on learning opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds.

At Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge and Cabo Rojo NWR Salt Flats Unit we offer interpretive tours through the different walking trails. The purpose of these is to inform students, communities, and visitors about the importance of conserving our natural resources, the different species of flora and fauna that are currently threatened or endangered in the area, and what we can all do to protect them. 

Our goal is that every visitor we receive leaves with a sense of connection, belongingness, and responsibility to protect these beautiful habitats and all organisms that inhabit them.

 For information about pre-programmed interpretive tours and other special events, please visit our Facebook  page.

To schedule an interpretive tour for your group please email and or call (305) 587-7856. We are looking forward to working together on the road to conservation!