This refuge is closed to the public

Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is closed to the public. No visitor services programs or facilities exist to accommodate visitation to the island.

Other Facilities in the Complex

Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is one of many refuges that make up the Caribbean Islands National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Each refuge in the complex plays vital role to conserving our unique, endemic species and resources in the Caribbean.


Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge
C/O Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, Federal Building3013 Estate Golden Rock, Suite 167Christiansted,VI00820-4226
Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge is closed to public access
Buck Island Danish Lighthouse

The Buck Island Light Station was erected in 1913. This 25-foot-high, truncated square steel tower represents Danish Colonial style. It is the older of two towers situated on a 0.92-acre site located atop a plateau on the crest of the northeast corner of the Island. The lighthouse was owned by Denmark at the time of the transfer of the Danish West Indies to the United States in 1917.