Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Facility Activities

Black Bayou Lake NWR offers a variety of activities for both local residents and visitors to the area.

While most of Black Bayou Lake NWR is a lake, deer hunters shouldn't overlook this refuge as a hunting spot. Fields around the lake are becoming reforested, creating ample cover and browse for deer. The refuge restricts deer hunting to archers, and bowhunters take good-sized deer each year. Many...

Fishing season is year-round. Fishing opportunities include bait casting for largemouth bass, jig or shiners for crappie and cane pole fishing for bream in the pristine 1,800 acre cypress-studded lake. The refuge has boat launch sites (motor restricted to 50 hp or less).

A trail accessible to those with disabilities including individuals in wheelchairs. These trails include a wide, hard surface without steep inclines.
Many Fish and Wildlife Service sites make great destinations for flatwater canoeing or kayaking. Some sites have concessions that rent canoes or kayaks. Some sites offer scheduled paddle tours. See individual refuge websites for details.
From bald eagles to spoonbills, from condors to puffins, birds abound on national wildlife refuges. Refuges provide places for birds to nest, rest, feed and breed making them world-renown for their birding opportunities.
Biking is a good way to see wildlife, learn about habitats and photograph nature. Yield to pedestrians; many refuge routes are multi-use trails. Biking may be permitted at sites where it is consistent with a refuge’s statutory purpose. E-bikes are permitted on any refuge roads and trails where traditional bicycle use is allowed, if it is consistent with a refuge’s statutory purpose and the refuge manager determines it to be a compatible use.
Whether you wield a smartphone or a zoom lens, you’ll find photo-worthy subjects at national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries. Wildlife photography is a priority public use on national wildlife refuges, so you’ll find wildlife drives and blinds and overlooks to help you get the images you’re after.
Many multi-purpose trails are open to runners and joggers as well as walkers and, in some cases, bicyclists. Some sites host annual fun runs. Check individual refuge websites for details.
School program activities are available at a number of facilities.