A row of 8 ducks are bottoms-up in shallow water, where vegetation appears above the surface.

Waterfowl hunting is permitted in designated areas on the Nisqually River Delta during the fall and winter hunt season. The Federal Duck Stamp is required and the State of Washington's hunting season and regulations apply. 

All portions of the Refuge are closed to waterfowl hunting unless specifically identified. Refer to the 2023-2024 hunting brochure for details.

Access to Hunting Areas

Access is by boat only. Foot access to the marsh is not permitted. The nearest boat launch is at Luhr's Landing on the west side of the Delta. This facility is managed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Service and a Discover Pass is required.

Where You Can Hunt

The designated waterfowl hunting areas in the Nisqually Delta totals 1,155 acres:

Federal Lands (Refuge) jurisdiction- 530 acres

State (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) jurisdictions - 625 acres

Waterfowl hunting is permitted on the Black River by boat only. Hunters and hunting dogs are neither allowed to access the River through Refuge property nor land from the water.

Where You Can’t Hunt

All portions of the Refuge are closed to waterfowl hunting UNLESS specifically identified as open to hunting. The Research Natural Area and Sanctuary Area are not open to public hunting. Watch for No Hunting or Area Closed signs.


Shot must be U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved non-toxic shot. All Washington State hunting regulations are in effect. There is a 25 shell limit. Check Washington State Regulations for current year information. Call the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (360-902-2200) or the Refuge (360-753-9467) for complete information on hunting regulations.

Retrieving Birds

Hunters may not enter closed areas to retrieve dead or crippled birds. Allow enough room between the closed boundary and where you are hunting to retrieve birds properly.