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Big Oaks is only open certain days of the week from mid-April through mid-November.  Refuge staff will respond to phone calls and emails as soon as they are able.

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Join the Christmas Bird Count at Big Oaks!

The annual Big Oaks Christmas Bird Count will be held on Saturday, December 30, 2023. Volunteers are needed to count birds for a half-day (until noon, or noon to sunset) or all day. The group will meet at 8:00 am at the Big Oaks NWR office. The Big Oaks Conservation Society, a not-for-profit refuge support group, will provide lunch for volunteers at the refuge office. If you are interested in participating call the refuge office at 812-273-0783. 

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Indiana Conservation Officers

An Indiana Conservation Officer Dispatch Center, South Region, can be contacted at 812-873-0783.

To Leave A Tip About Crimes Against Wildlife

Call 1-844-FWS-TIPS (397-8477)

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