Refuge staff work to restore natural floodplain conditions, including bottomland forests and its associated wetlands for the benefit of wildlife. We strive to provide public access to all areas for wildlife dependent recreation including hunting and fishing.
Big Muddy NFWR surrounded by floodwaters
Missouri River Reaching Flood Stage

The Refuge reminds visitors to monitor floodwaters of the Missouri River by visiting this Missouri River stream gauge website.   Any flood condition above the minor stage could affect conditions on the Refuge.  Please avoid most floodplain areas on the Refuge when the river approaches this stage.     

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To some it’s pursuing game during an open season or to others taking in the beauty of the change of season. Whatever brings you to the nature of the refuge we hope you will respect what it has to offer. Take only the allowed limit and leave only tracks. On this refuge you are sure to find the nature you deserve. Hover over the map icons below to discover nature near you.   

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      The refuge provides habitat for a variety of wildlife. Most wildlife found throughout the state of Missouri reside on the refuge. The Missouri river drives the floodplain and aquatic habitat of lesser-known but equally important wildlife that inhabit the refuge. The endangered pallid sturgeon swims in her waters and the refuge plays a vital role in providing shallow water habitat for survival of sturgeon young.