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The visitor center is located 3 miles north of Coleharbor, North Dakota, on U.S. Highway 83 and 1 mile east of the highway. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm year-round, except Federal holidays. On the week day prior to a Federal holiday, we may be closed early.

The visitor center is fully accessible and features exhibits on prairie wetland and grassland habitat, migratory birds, night life of the refuge, John James Audubon, and Refuge history.  

Other Facilities in the Complex

The Audubon Wetland Management District consists of an array of private and fee-title land that is managed out of the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters and Visitor Center. 

Rules and Policies

Please observe the following regulations to protect natural resources and to help ensure that your visit will be safe and enjoyable. 

  • Vehicles are permitted only on designated roads, parking areas, and on the ice for ice fishing. Vehicle access to the ice is limited to ice accessible from a right-of-way or designated road.
  • Motorized vehicles must be licensed in accordance with State laws and regulations.
  • Motorized boats are allowed for wildlife-dependent activities. Boats that must be launched from a trailer are limited to those waters that are accessible from a right-of-way or designated road.
  • Collection of mature wild fruits, berries, above-ground portion of asparagus, and mushrooms for personal daily non-commercial use is allowed.
  • Commercial activities are not allowed unless authorized by a Special Use Permit issued by the manager.
Prohibited Activities:
  • Overnight camping 
  • Fires
  • Littering, including leaving spent shotgun shells or the remains of hunted animals
  • Removing or disturbing property, including artifacts
  • Removing natural objects or destroying plants, excluding the gathering of dead plant materials for on-site blind construction 
  • Riding or using horses for any purpose

Special Use Permits

Commercial Activities

Includes: workshops & wildlife viewing tours. Please note: photography and filming that takes place on areas closed to the public requires a permit. Application Form

For Commercial Winter Wildlife Viewing Permits, please submit a completed special use permit application, a digital copy of your liability insurance, and a guide and vehicle list no later than 5:00pm Friday, October 1, 2021 to

Research and Monitoring

Includes: biological work & geological monitoring. Application Form

General Activities

All other permits. Application Form

For questions or to submit completed application form, please email Fred Oslund,

A minimum of ten business d ays is required to request a permit. 


Audubon Wetland Management District
C/O Audubon National Wildlife Refuge3275 11th Street NWColeharbor,ND58531-9419