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For general questions about the Wetlands Mapper, accessing wetlands data, or our website, please email your inquiry to

Please note: The wetlands displayed on the Wetlands Mapper show wetland type and extent using a biological definition of wetlands and are mapped using a specific date. There is no attempt to define the limits of proprietary jurisdiction of any Federal, State, or local government, or to establish the geographical scope of the regulatory programs of government agencies, or to account for changes in the landscape that may have occurred after the wetland data were produced.

Persons intending to engage in activities involving modifications within or adjacent to wetland areas should seek the advice of appropriate federal, state, or local agencies concerning specified agency regulatory programs and proprietary jurisdictions that may affect such activities.

For information about regulations that may affect wetlands or development on your property, contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office nearest you: Army Corps of Engineers Office Locations.

National and Regional Contacts

NWI Leadership/HQ

HQ Leadership specializes in program administration, scientific integrity, and innovation.

Martha Balis-Larsen
Chief, Division of Budget and Technical Support
Ecological Services

Jonathan Phinney
Chief, Branch of Geospatial Mapping & Technical Support
Ecological Services

Megan Lang
Chief Scientist
National Wetlands Inventory

NWI Wetland Coordinators

Wetland coordinators specialize in data quality control, training, field operations support, funding and coordination.

Gary Hunt
Wetlands Coordinator for FWS Regions 2 and 4

Nick Jones
Wetlands Coordinator for FWS Region 1

Sara Owen
Field & Regional Operations Group Lead, FWS Regions 6 and 8

Amanda Pachomski
Wetlands Coordinator for FWS Regions 3 and 5

Sydney Thielke
Wetlands Coordinator for Region 7 (Alaska)

NWI Assistant Wetland Coordinators

Assistant wetland coordinators assist with data quality control, training, field operations support, funding and coordination.

Emilia Bartnick
Assistant Wetlands Coordinator

Nina Hill
Assistant Wetlands Coordinator

NWI Data Center

Data center staff specialize in data quality assurance, management, distribution and analysis.

Rusty Griffin
Quality Assurance Coordinator

Jane Harner
Wetlands Database Administrator

Jeff Ingebritsen
GIS Specialist