Ways to Get Involved


You can help the condor survive by helping pick up "microtrash" when you are in the condor habitat area."Microtrash" refers to small bits of trash such as broken glass, bottle caps, can tabs, and other smaller, broken down pieces of trash that can be ingested by condors.

In addition to volunteering, there are a few simple steps you can take to help the California condor and its recovery:
  • Never feed or approach a condor.
  • Don't leave garbage or poisons such as antifreeze in the wild.
If you are a rancher or farmer:
  • The Condor recovery program supports continued hunting and ranching as an important contributor to condor recovery by providing valuable sources for condor food.
  • Please use non-lead ammunition if you hunt or put down animals, wild or domestic.
If you are a hunter:
  • Use non-lead bullets, such as copper. Support the use of and research into alternatives to lead at home and in the field. - Report illegal shooting to the authorities.
If hunting with lead bullets outside of a non-lead area:
  • Be sure of your shot and take your game with you, even small game and coyotes.
  • Bury or cover the gut pile of field-dressed game to make it less accessible to scavengers.