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Fish and Wildlife Service

[FWS-R8-ES-2012-N112: FXES11120800000F2-123-FF08ECAR00]

Receipt of Application for the Amendment of the Incidental Take 
Permit for the Multiple Species Conservation Program County of San 
Diego Subarea Plan, County of San Diego, California

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of receipt of permit amendment application; request for 


SUMMARY: We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) intend to 
amend the incidental take permit (PRT-840414) issued for the Multiple 
Species Conservation Program County of San Diego Subarea Plan (MSCP 
Subarea Plan). The County of San Diego (Applicant) has requested an 
amendment to the incidental take permit. The amendment would modify the 
MSCP Subarea Plan boundary to add approximately 210 acres of land 
solely for conservation purposes. If amended, no additional incidental 
take will be authorized. The Applicant will follow all other existing 
habitat conservation plan conditions. We also announce a public comment 

DATES: To ensure consideration, please send your written comments by 
July 18, 2012.

ADDRESSES: To request further information or submit written comments, 
please use one of the following methods and note that your information 
request or comment is in reference to the MSCP Subarea Plan:
     Email: Karen_Goebel@fws.gov. Include ``MSCP Subarea 
Plan'' in the subject line of the message.
     U.S. Mail: Field Supervisor, Fish and Wildlife Service, 
Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office, 6010 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 101, 
Carlsbad, California 92011.
     In-Person Drop-off, Viewing, or Pickup: Call 760-431-9440 
to make an appointment during regular business hours to drop off 
comments or view received comments at this location:
     Fax: Field Supervisor, 760-918-0638, Attn. MSCP Subarea 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Karen Goebel, Assistant Field 
Supervisor, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office (see ADDRESSES); 
telephone: 760-431-9440. If you use a telecommunications device for the 
deaf, please call the Federal Information Relay Service at 800-877-

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: We, the Service, have made a preliminary 
determination that amendment of the permit is neither a major Federal 
action that will significantly affect the quality of the human 
environment within the meaning of section 102(2)(C) of the National 
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), nor will it individually or 
cumulatively have more than a negligible effect on the species covered 
in the MSCP Subarea Plan. Therefore, the permit amendment qualifies as 
a categorical exclusion under NEPA as provided by the Department of 
Interior Manual (516 DM 2, Appendix 1 and 516 DM 6, Appendix 1).


    On March 17, 1998, the Service issued an incidental take permit 
(PRT-840414), pursuant to section 10(a)(1)(B) of the Endangered Species 
Act (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.) for 85 species covered by the MSCP Subarea 
Plan. The MSCP Subarea Plan boundary encompasses 252,132 acres of 
unincorporated land in south San Diego County, California. Opportunity 
for public review of the original permit application and the habitat 
conservation plan was provided in the Federal Register on March 28, 
1997 (62 FR 14938) and November 14, 1997 (62 FR 61140).
    The Applicant is seeking an amendment to their incidental take 
permit, consistent with section 1.14.2 of the MSCP Subarea Plan 
Implementing Agreement, to modify the MSCP Subarea Plan boundary to add 
210.6 acres of land for conservation purposes (i.e., a ``hardline 
preserve'') in contemplation of establishing a privately-owned 
mitigation bank. Establishment of the bank would be a future action 
that would require a formalized conservation banking agreement 
consistent with section 9.13 of the MSCP Subarea Plan Implementing 
    The conservation lands are located in an unincorporated portion of 
northern San Diego County in the community of Ramona, approximately 1 
mile north of the existing MSCP Subarea Plan boundary. The conservation 
land consists of 4 parcels; a single 63-acre parcel (Assessor's Parcel 
Number [APN] 277-050-32), and 3 parcels totaling 147.6 acres (APN 277-
121-05, 277-111-09, and 277-121-08) (i.e., unsectioned lands within 
Township 13 South, Range 1 West of the U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-
minute San Pasqual quadrangle). The parcels are contiguous with other 
conserved lands and support vernal pool, riparian, and nonnative 
grassland habitats. Sensitive species documented on the parcels include 
the federally listed endangered San Diego fairy shrimp (Branchinecta 
sandiegonensis) and the burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia), an MSCP 
Subarea Plan covered species. More details on the specific parcels and 
their locations are available in the permit amendment application (see 

Public Availability of Comments

    Written comments we receive become part of the public record 
associated with this action. Before including your address, phone 
number, email address, or other personal identifying information in 
your comments, you should be aware that your entire comment--including 
your personal identifying information--may be made publicly available 
at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your 
personal identifying information from public review, we cannot 
guarantee that we will be able to do so.


    We provide this notice under section 10(c) the Act (16 U.S.C. 1531 
et seq.) and by NEPA regulations (40 CFR 1506.6).

Jim A. Bartel,
Field Supervisor, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office.
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