[Federal Register: October 8, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 196)]
[Page 58975]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

[FWS-R1-ES-2008-N0273; 10120-1113-0000-C2]

Draft Recovery Plan for the Prairie Species of Western Oregon and 
Southwestern Washington

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of document availability for review and comment; 
correction: public comment period.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces the comment 
period for public review of the draft Recovery Plan for the Prairie 
Species of Western Oregon and Southwestern Washington. The closing date 
of the public comment period was erroneously omitted from the notice of 
availability of this draft recovery plan published on September 22, 
2008. The listed species addressed in the recovery plan are the 
Fender's blue butterfly (Icaricia icarioides fenderi), Willamette daisy 
(Erigeron decumbens var. decumbens), Bradshaw's lomatium (Lomatium 
bradshawii), Kincaid's lupine (Lupinus sulphureus ssp. kincaidii), 
Nelson's checker-mallow (Sidalcea nelsoniana), and golden paintbrush 
(Castilleja levisecta).

DATES: Comments on the draft recovery plan must be received on or 
before December 22, 2008.

ADDRESSES: Copies of the draft recovery plan are available by request 
from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Fish and Wildlife 
Office, 2600 SE 98th Avenue, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97266 (phone: 503-
231-6179). An electronic copy of the draft recovery plan is also 
available at http://endangered.fws.gov/recovery/index.html#plans.

Biologist, at the above Portland address and telephone number.



    On September 22, 2008, we published a notice of availability of the 
Draft Recovery Plan for the Prairie Species of Western Oregon and 
Southwestern Washington (73 FR 54603). The Notice announced a public 
comment period on this draft recovery plan, but the closing date of the 
comment period was erroneously omitted from the notice of availability. 
We wish to clarify that the public comment period closes on December 
22, 2008.
    Recovery of endangered or threatened animals and plants is a 
primary goal of our endangered species program and the Endangered 
Species Act (Act) (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.). Recovery means improvement 
of the status of listed species to the point at which listing is no 
longer appropriate under the criteria set out in section 4(a)(1) of the 
Act. Recovery plans describe actions considered necessary for the 
conservation of the species, establish criteria for downlisting or 
delisting listed species, and estimate the time for, and cost of 
implementing the measures needed for recovery.
    The Act requires the development of recovery plans for listed 
species unless such a plan would not promote the conservation of a 
particular species. Section 4(f) of the Act requires that public notice 
and an opportunity for public review and comment be provided during 
recovery plan development. We will consider all information presented 
during the public comment period prior to approval of each new or 
revised recovery plan. Substantive technical comments may result in 
changes to the plan. Substantive comments regarding recovery plan 
implementation may not necessarily result in changes to the recovery 
plan, but will be forwarded to appropriate Federal or other entities so 
that they can take these comments into account during the course of 
implementing recovery actions.

Public Comments Solicited

    We solicit written comments on the draft recovery plan. All 
comments received by the date specified above will be considered prior 
to approval of this plan. If you wish to comment, you may submit your 
comments and materials concerning this recovery plan by any of these 
    1. You may submit written comments and information by mail, 
facsimile or in person to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office at the 
above address (see ADDRESSES).
    2. You may send comments by electronic mail (e-mail) to: 
FW1PrairieRecoveryPlan@fws.gov. If you submit comments by e-mail, 
please submit them as an ASCII file and avoid the use of special 
characters and any form of encryption. Please also include your name 
and return address in your e-mail message.
    Comments and materials received, as well as supporting 
documentation used in preparation of the recovery plan, will be 
available for inspection, during normal business hours at the above 
Portland address (see ADDRESSES).

Public Availability of Comments

    Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or 
other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be 
aware that your entire comment, including your personal identifying 
information, may be made publicly available at any time. While we will 
try to honor a written request to withhold your personal identifying 
information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be 
able to do so.

    Authority: The authority for this action is section 4(f) of the 
Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1533 (f).

    Dated: September 29, 2008.
David J. Wesley,
Acting Regional Director, Region 1, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
 [FR Doc. E8-23811 Filed 10-7-08; 8:45 am]