[Federal Register: February 1, 2005 (Volume 70, Number 20)]
[Page 5204-5205]
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Fish and Wildlife Service

Notice of Natural Gas Pipeline 30 Year Right-of-Way Permit 
Application Crossing Land Owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service at 
Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Sacramento County, California, 
for Review and Comment

AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior

ACTION: Notice for public comment period.


SUMMARY: This notice advises the public that Longbow, LLC has applied 
for the installation of one natural gas pipeline for a 30 year right-
of-way permit across the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) 
easement tract (37P) located at Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, 
Sacramento County, California. The pipeline would be underground and 
would transport natural gas produced from a well located approximately 
800 feet east of the Refuge boundary, to a gas sales point two miles to 
the southwest, located off the Refuge boundary. The applicant proposes 
to perpendicular bore the pipeline 15-20 feet under the ground. The 
portion of the Refuge the pipeline would pass under is the right-of-way 
for the abandoned Southern Pacific Railroad and associated borrow 
channel. The pipeline would be bored

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and installed from private agricultural land 800 feet east of the 
Refuge using directional drilling equipment, construction and operation 
of the pipeline would not be detectable at the surface of the Refuge 
and cause no detectable ground surface disturbances to terrestrial or 
aquatic habitats within Stone Lakes NWR at any time during it's 
construction or operation. Therefore the proposed use would not 
negatively affect the purposes of Stone Lakes NWR or the mission of the 
Service or impact existing or potential wildlife-dependent recreational 

DATES: Written comments should be received on or before March 3, 2005 
to receive consideration by the Service.

ADDRESSES: Comments should be addressed to: Manager; California/Nevada 
Operations Office, Attention Realty Officer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Service, 2800 Cottage Way, W-2610, Sacramento, CA 95825.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Realty Specialist Steve Lay at the 
above California/Nevada Operations Office address, (916) 414-6447.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The purpose of this Notice is to inform the 
public that the Service will be proceeding with the processing of this 
application, the compatibility determination, and the approval 
processing which includes the preparation of the terms and conditions 
of the permit. The purpose of the natural gas pipeline is to provide 
reliable and cost effective energy to the residential, commercial, and 
industrial customers within Sacramento and adjacent counties. The total 
width of the subsurface right-of-way is twenty feet to be located ten 
feet on either side of the centerline. The total length of the right-
of-way is 170.85 feet . Therefore the total area of the subsurface 
right-of-way would comprise approximately 3,417 square feet or 0.0784 
acres. The depth of the subsurface right-of-way would be approximately 
15-20 feet underground. The pipeline itself is six inches in diameter 
Schedule 20 ERW carbon steel API 5L Grade B or Grade x 42 steel pipe 
and will be inserted into a slightly larger diameter (7 inches) hole. 
An Environmental Action Statement has been prepared by the Stone Lakes 
NWR Refuge Manager stating the relevant categorical exclusion 
pertaining to this proposed right-of-way. A Compatibility Determination 
has been written and has concluded that the proposed use would not 
negatively affect the purposes of Stone Lakes NWR or the mission of the 
Service or impact existing or potential wildlife-dependent recreational 

    Authority: Right-of-way applications for pipelines are to be 
filed in accordance with Section 28 of the Mineral Leasing Act of 
1920 (41 Stat. 449; 30 U.S.C. 185 amended by Pub L. 93-153).

    Dated: January 26, 2005.
Ken McDermond,
Acting Manager, California/Nevada Operations Office, Sacramento, 
[FR Doc. 05-1810 Filed 1-31-05; 8:45 am]